Thin White Diamond Ring

890 USD

Introducing our new collection, “G A I A” – the Greek goddess of Earth, mother of all life.

In this chaotic and unpredictable world, a balance is found in the regularity of nature’s cycles and patterns. Each module in our collection showcases the intricate beauty of repetitive forms found in nature that help us to find serenity and order in our lives.

These patterns not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also reflect the cyclic nature of life, renewal, and growth.

“G A I A” collection embodies a harmonious blend of special elements such as; texture, special cut citrine, reverse set diamonds, satin finish and black rodium, simultaneously presenting an abstract dragon module as the centrepiece, symbolizing courage, wisdom, and power which is Selda Jewellery’s brand DNA.

By combining these themes, Selda jewelry gets inspired by Earth element, inviting wearers to connect with their inner strength, embrace their journey of growth, and find harmony within themselves and the world around them.



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